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Dr. Warren Farrell has been chosen by the Financial Times as one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders. His books are published in over 50 countries, and in 19 languages. They include The New York Times best-seller, Why Men Are the Way They Are, plus the international best-seller, The Myth of Male Power. His most recent is The Boy Crisis, (audio version) (2018, co-authored with John Gray). The Boy Crisis was chosen as a finalist for the Foreword Indies award (the independent publishers’ award). Dr. Farrell has been a pioneer in both the women’s movement (elected three times to the Board of N.O.W. in NYC) and the men’s movement (called by GQ Magazine “The Martin Luther King of the men’s movement”). He conducts couples’ communication workshops nationwide. He has appeared on over 1000 TV shows and been interviewed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, Peter Jennings, Katie Couric, Larry King, Tucker Carlson, Regis Philbin, Dr. Phil, Jordan Peterson, and Charlie Rose. He has frequently written for and been featured in The New York Times and publications worldwide. Dr. Farrell has two daughters, lives with his wife in Mill Valley, California, and virtually at

Is Dad-Deprivation the Problem, or Is It Poverty, Bad Schools . . . ?

Is Dad-Deprivation the Problem, or Is It Poverty, Bad Schools . . . ?
pgs. 122-124 The Boy Crisis

pages 122-124

When we hear that boys without dads do badly in so many ways, we wonder whether the cause is dad deprivation, or overlapping factors such as the greater poverty encountered by single moms in less-well funded school districts.

Fortunately, two decades ago, two Harvard researchers sought to answer that question by reviewing four of the most methodologically well-designed national studies. They found that all four revealed the same thing: even when race, education, income, and other socioeconomic factors are equal, living without dad doubled a child’s chance of dropping out of high school.[i]

More recently, leading researchers from Princeton, Cornell and University of California, Berkeley, teamed up to dissect the most sophisticated research designs to determine whether the negative outcomes of children without dads was caused by

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Boy Crisis Excerpt – Boundary Enforcement

1. Boundary Enforcement (Versus Boundary Setting)

Moms often ask me, “Why is it that when I speak, nothing happens, but when their dad speaks, the kids drop everything and obey? Is it his deeper voice?” It makes moms feel disrespected and taken for granted. But it’s not dad’s deeper voice. Dads who don’t enforce boundaries are also ignored.

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Boy Crisis Excerpt – New Spin on ADHD

(Excerpt from The Boy Crisis, pages 315-316)

A New Spin on ADHD

There is still much confusion about what the term ADHD really means. The name of the disorder itself—attention deficit hyperactivity disorder—is actually misleading and prevents many parents and adults from recognizing or relating to this condition. The common symptoms identified by the medical industry are often varied and even contradictory, and as we will explore later, many symptoms have yet to be defined. While some children with ADHD are distracted and disorganized, others are restless and impulsive, and some are both.

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