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Male Friendships

Tom and Janice discuss the path of male friendships and the many changes over the last hundred and fifty years. They focus on what has recently been making male friendships more difficult and some ideas about what men are doing about it. The media stresses the need for men to have relationships while simultaneously telling men that they need to be more like women to find relationship success. This sums up the misandrist attitudes that fail to recognize men’s unique ways of relating and the fact that a man’s close friendships are significantly different from a woman.

Stop Shaming Men on December 6

More than three decades after the Montreal Massacre, the anniversary of the shootings remains the occasion for alarmist claims about violence against women and the ritual shaming of men. Such shaming may be satisfying to anti-male ideologues, but it does nothing to prevent future violence and should cease immediately.  

On December 6, 1989, 25-year-old Marc Lépine (born Gamil Gharbi) shot to death 14 women at the Engineering School of the University of Montreal, injuring 10 other women and 4 men. He left a suicide note explaining his rage against feminists, who, he claimed,  “always try to misrepresent [men] every time they can.” He also appended a list of particular women he would like to have killed if he’d had time. 

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Why do Men’s Advocates See Through the Lies?

I was thinking the other day that a large percentage of the men I know who are active in men’s rights issues see through the government’s lies.  I wondered why?  Then I realized that those of us who have been doing this work for some time have seen time and time again the lying of our government.  It started for me with the Domestic Violence lies and for many it was the family court lies.  The lies about men being oppressors, the lies about toxic masculinity and on and on.  We have a history of seeing the lies and making  up our own minds about what we think may be the truth. We have already gone through that essential period of disbelief.   So many people have never really been personally confronted with these sorts of lies and are therefore automatons of the media/big tech/bigacademe and of course big government.  

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Changes are coming to
​I am inviting select writers on men’s issues to participate on  Warren Farrell, Janice Fiamengo, Mike Buchanan, Moiret Allegiere and others have agreed to take part.​ Stay tuned for this to get going. I am also starting a new weekly series Feeling Good in a Red Pill World that focuses on specific things you can do to feel good.  Taking the Red Pill can be a difficult process and this weekly series will offer some creative ideas.

And keep in mind… are good!  As are you.

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