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I would assume that none of you reading this are unfamiliar with the Twitterati; the last (and greatest) stronghold of the Serpent-cult. Perhaps, one could say, the praetorian guard of the feminist hivemind and the woke-ists.

Twitter, in all their censorious might and with all their obvious political leanings and/or agenda, has become nothing but an echo-chamber where the few, the proud, the underpaid that goes against the dogmas of the day have but a few days left to live their digital lives, lest the banhammer allmighty comes to claim their poor and blemished souls.

I would also assume that none of you reading this are unfamiliar with the kinds of venomous, disgusting, foul misandry spread throughout that hive of scum and villainy… it is not uncommon, for example, to come across the sentiment that one should seek to kill all men… often from fairly well-known, influential and well connected people.

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Plastic is eternal (TM):

Back in the baby-batter days of my ramblings on whatever the green-skinned fuck is going on with our societies at present, I wrote a piece (Rebellion? We can get it for you wholesale!) in which I opined and pined, wailed, howled in frustration and snark, that whatever passes for rebellion in whichever generation, will eventually find its way into corporate hands and, as such, become a trend.

It will, without a doubt, spawn a multi-billion dollar industry, selling wholesale rebellion to eager edgy teens with hardcore rebellious tendencies – as long as they come home to mommy and daddy before their curfew. Rebellion sells stupid shit, not least of all (to my endless Continue reading Plastic is eternal (TM):

Godspeed, you Barbarian Kings, Godspeed:

Godspeed, you Barbarian Kings, Godspeed:

Have you ever read Conan the Barbarian?

Not the comics, though they aren’t bad at all. No, I mean the original Robert E. Howard stories. The old pulp-magazine tales. If no, then you should. If yes, well – go re-read them. They are, as a matter of fact, excellent. Even when some of them admittedly suffer from the old pulp-magazine curse of being somewhat overwritten. No wonder, of course, considering that these magazines more often than not paid their writers per word. If they paid them at all. When Robert E. Howard shot himself, the Weird Tales magazine owed him a not insubstantial amount of money. But that is besides the point. So, too, is Conan the Barbarian, when it comes to that. But it is a nice introduction, and an opportunity for me to recommend these excellent stories.

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Introduction – Moiret Allegiere

Well then, since Tom has very kindly lent me the keys to his kingdom (which is to say that he has got me chained up in his basement, forcing me to write for scraps), I thought introductions might be in order.

I’ll do my very best at keeping this introduction short and to the point. This, to my nimble fingers and burlesque-dancing mind, of course translates into making it long and pointless. Not for lack of trying, I swear – my keyboard has a mind of its own, and so it tends to run away with me.

At the time of writing, I am 35 years old. Norwegian. Became a father for the first time about seven months ago. Been identifying as a non-binary translucent jellyfish since about 2016, ever since FaceBook allowed one to write whatever the hell one wanted to as ones gender identity. Obviously, I did this as a joke, expecting someone to comment something about the ridiculousness of it all.

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