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Male Friendships

Tom and Janice discuss the path of male friendships and the many changes over the last hundred and fifty years. They focus on what has recently been making male friendships more difficult and some ideas about what men are doing about it. The media stresses the need for men to have relationships while simultaneously telling men that they need to be more like women to find relationship success. This sums up the misandrist attitudes that fail to recognize men’s unique ways of relating and the fact that a man’s close friendships are significantly different from a woman.

Gaining Status – Men Are Good Shorts

A Gentleman’s Guide to Manners, SEx, and Ruling the World: How to survive as a man in the age of misandry and do it with Grace

Did F4J Take the Lincoln Memorial?

Giggli vs BIGI


Tom has a quick look at some different ideas for dads and granddads about playing with their children and grandchildren. All too often men find themselves with very limited time with their children and finding ways to play with them can make the most of that limited time while being great fun for both father and child.